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Wilkes-Barre, PA


Metal, Alternative Rock,


Years Active:

1997- Present




Recording Artist Eddie Appnel


Bill Hoffman's new cd, Love Becomes Madness has been in my cd player for 3 days straight.  Upon first listening, I couldn't help but notice musical similarities to the likes of Zeppelin, Sabbath, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Queen, and even The Beatles. After listening for several days, I began to realize it's all passion in a very powerful bundle of great melody, harmony and expert musicianship.  Recorded at his own home studio, this album is masterfully produced, and, though it was a long wait, it will be obvious upon first listen, that Bill Hoffman was looking for perfection...and damn near got it.



Bill Hoffman

Bill Hoffman...guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer and popular music instructor is well known and widely respected in northeast PA's rock and metal music circles.  He is now hearing just what other professional musicians, music industry insiders and clients have to say about his long awaited release "Love Becomes Madness".  The album has been a-work-in-progress for years.  Apparently from the initial street buzz it really has been worth the wait!  Enjoy!


Weekender Magazine 10/7/2015





Times Leader Newspaper 10/9/2015

Wilkes-Barre native Bill Hoffman used years of experience as musician, teacher and student to cultivate sound - Times Leader



Songwriters Roadshow


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