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The Bill Hoffman mystique…it’s really the only way to describe the air surrounding this extraordinary musical artist.  His lifelong mastery of the guitar…supreme, his voice…intense and passionate, his vibe…inviting and intriguing! So how did it all begin you ask?


Well…it’s been a lifelong journey really, starting in beautiful northeast Pennsylvania, Wilkes-Barre to be exact.  Bill has been playing guitar ever since listening to KISS, Queen, Zeppelin, King Crimson, Soundgarden and more as a teen.  His musical taste is quite eclectic including classic jazz greats John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Wes Montgomery.  Bill found that music came easily to him and he knew just what to do with his!


Fast forward to today…Bill Hoffman really has made music his life.  Over the years Mr. Hoffman has traveled many roads…each contributing to the weaving of a colorful musical tapestry.  Bill is a guitarist, singer/songwriter and producer.  He is also a popular guitar/bass instructor.  Any night of the week you can find Bill writing, teaching, recording or performing live anywhere from local city festivals, clubs, bars and restaurants to out of town resorts and beach side private events.  


Next stop…well…Bill Hoffman has finally released his debut solo cd “Love Becomes Madness”!  Those in his inner musical circle know that he has been writing, recording and producing on and off “literally” for years.  The album is a real treasure with tracks sure to please a variety of musical palates…from pure rock and roll and metal delights to psychedelic trippy sounds and pure infectious “can’t get this song out of my head” pop rock! He even wraps up the album with an instrumental piece sure to soothe your soul into a dreamy state of pure bliss.  What a musical trip! Grab some headsets, turn it up and enjoy!


What’s in the future for Bill Hoffman…more music of course! 


All photos by snowmoon, llc (c) 2014-2017


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